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Water conservation

Agri Water

Steyn Drilling Contractors

Your one stop water service


AgriWater - Your one stop water solution

Steyn Drilling contractors

We offer high quality services including borehole drilling, testing and maintenance as well as water pump installation and testing, and specialised water management in the Mpumalanga, Lowveld area.

We also offer rainwater harvesting, which is the smart way of conserving water.

Please see the below for a full summary of our services.

Please contact us on 013 751 3871 or 083 269 7364 or send an e-mail to or if you are interested.

If you are unsure about the size of the pump you need to buy, be sure to check out our article on Water Pumps


  • Steyn Drilling contractors

    Borehole drilling

  • Borehole yield and water quality testing.

    • 6 to 72 hour tests

    • Static, dynamic and recovery water levels recorded

    • Test done according to SABS and DWAF specifications 

  • Design, Supply and Installation

    • Rainwater harvesting

    • Grey water harvesting

    • irrigation systems

    • sewer reticulation systems

    • water reticulation systems

    • septic tank systems

    • bio-gas septic tank systems

    • Solar - pumps, heating and power systems

    • Steyn Drilling contractors

      flow meters

    • water softeners

    • water treatment and purification plants

    • water pressure systems for household and industrial applications

    • Level control systems for reservoirs, conventional and telemetric

    • Reservoirs, tanks from 100 l to 500 000 l

    • all types of pumps for above systems

    • All types of pipes and pipe fittings

  • Specialized Water Management
    • Management of boreholes by regulating yield and pressure

    • Water quality testing and quality certificates

    • Sewer and grey water management

    • Steyn Drilling contractors

      Lime removal and pH stabilization  

  • Maintenance of

    • solar systems

    • sewer reticulation systems

    • water reticulation systems

    • irrigation installations

    • borehole pumps, shaft driven & submersible

  • Steyn Drilling contractors

    General construction services

    • low impact trenching up to 1m deep and 200 mm wide

    • tank stands

    • small concrete works

    • Pre-cast manholes and line markers

  • Steyn Drilling contractors

    Value added services

    • 24 h service- in case of emergencies for electrical, pipe and pump breakdowns

    • Professional borehole and maintenance services with three mobile teams

    • Agri Water shop

    • All pumps can be tested in our in-house testing facility for both yield and pressure performance

    • In-house professional registered civil/structural consultant (Engineering Council of South Africa registration nr. 997131)

    • Professional design and construction supervision

    • NHBRC certification

    • On site training of system operators can be done on request

  • Equipment

    • Borehole drilling

      • Equipped Drilling rigs with compressors

    • Construction

      • Landini 4740H front end loader

      • Case trench digging machine and backhoe

      • 8 ton truck + crane

      • Foundation auger piling up to 12 m @ max 450 mm

      • Small formation auger drilling rig up to 2 m @ 100 mm

    • Survey

      • Nikon level and staff

      • NPR 352 Nikon Total Station

    • Maintenance / Construction

      • 1 x 4x4 Double Cab truck

      • 4 x 2x4 LDV's

      • Trailers

We have a combined experience of more than 80 years

We are the only registered FASP (Franklin authorized service provider) in the Lowveld Franklin submersible motor and BLAC BOX specialists.

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Your one stop water solution

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